March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week has been crazy- I barely got all of these prompts! I'll have to do better next week.

In other news, as I mentioned here, I'm tired of just calling my camera 'camera', so I've decided to name her {yes, her}. My top 3 choices are Dahlia, Scarlet or Flora. Which name do you think I should go with? Leave me a comment and let me know:)!

1. Decay (Old/Abandoned)- An old weed head found in my yard. Then I played in CS5 with some Pioneer Woman actions on it and LOVE doing that!

2. Groups of Three- Mr. Pony found a way for me to use PhotoShop to do HDR photos- this is my first attempt. There are a couple of issues with it, but overall I'm happy with the first try coming out this well!

And here are the 3 shots that I combined to make the above image!

3. Kitchen- With Mr. Pony around, the kitchen can be almost anywhere!

4. Things that make me go 'hmmm...'- beg beg beg beg Chowder wants to go outside NOW!!! Oh wait! There is someone still INSIDE?!?! beg beg beg beg Chowder wants to go inside IMMEDIATELY!! Make up your mind, pup!!

5. "Me" time- Time spent with my pets and {soon to be named} camera- what could be more "me" than that!

Be sure to stop over at Ashley's blog to see all the other entries- there are so many talented bloggers out there! Next week's prompts are:

1. High Key
2. Bedroom
3. Something Tiny
4. Off in the Distance
5. Stripes


Carla Hutchins said...

Love your shots! Especially love the outside 'kitchen'!

allison said...

Love them all, the kitchen shot makes me hungry for some good barbque - it's been too cold around here to bring out the grill yet :(

Oh, and I vote for scarlet :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your decay for a name...I kinda like Dahlia.

Jan said...

These are a wonderful shots. I don't think I could choose a favorite.

julie said...

Great your take on hmmmm - very creative! :)

Nicole said...

My favorite is the last shot!

Chelsea said...

LOVE the things that make me go hmm...what a great moment!

Karrie said...

Fun pics and captions! I vote Dahlia!

Teresa said...

All of those are great shots, but the first one is my favorite!

RainCityGirl said...

I love the animal shots. Great collection

mommy of Five said...

love your set of three one!

Melissa said...

Things that make you go hmmmmm reminded me of my two pups - they can never make up their mind can they?! Great interpretations of the prompts this week.

Jessica said...

Lovely work! That first shot is so beautiful and simple - I love it!!

Sweepy said...

Chowder steals the show, woof!
Methinks its because you're not in if you're not out. Or something drooly to that effect.

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

wow....Love your Decay!! And awesome job on the HDR!!


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