March 14, 2011

Amazing weekend

This past {long} weekend I spent some time in Austin, Texas. That is a damn cool town. I even got to be a part of Trey Ratcliff's (of Stuck in Customs HDR fame) record breaking photo walk! Oh yeah, and it was the start of a little thing called South by Southwest. No big.

Anyway, we got to eat some great food, see some great sights, and have some fun times! Spring is way more advanced in Austin, and I fully enjoyed the scent of flowers, warm sunshine and the giddiness that an early spring brings! Austin, keep it weird!

Grace loves the beatles
Theme: Everyday
I love the combo of the everyday, humdrum chainlink fence and the glory of a new blooming iris- an amazing juxtaposition{and that is an amazing word}.

Theme: Texture
The Driskill Hotel is an amazing building- Victorian glory all over the place! Even looking up you can find beauty!

I did get a few other shots that I really loved, but I'm wanting to spend some time editing and picking my favorites from the day, so this is it for now- check back soon!

In other news, check out That is all for an awesome giveaway including an adorable little camera. Wouldn't that be fun to play with??


Grace said...

that's such a pretty flower! thanks for linking up!

Fotokarusellen said...

Some very nice pictures. Bravo!

Candace McClintick said...

love your macro shot!

Jocee said...

You were at the Driskill hotel? I LOVE that place! So cool, mysterious and haunted. I swear I think I saw a shadow come out of the elevator. I love you photos, I wish I could do something like that :))
-Jocee <3

Allie said...

All of those are really pretty! Thanks for linking up! :)

Ray said...

Love the second shot!


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