March 16, 2011


Mr. Pony is out for the night, and Chowder and I are quite content to putter away our evening doing a great deal of nothing. Its a lovely plan. You can see how tough this course of events has been for Chowder.

The Paper Mama
Poor pup. You wouldn't know that he had pulled about 10 toys out of his toybox, thrown them around, and then promptly curled up in bed. Brat.

Having the house to myself is giving me time to do some photo editing from my long weekend in Austin. Ok, so I don't have HDR software, or even Photoshop, right now, but I can use picnik to get some fun (if not very professional) HDR results! Behold!

I didn't think much of this shot until I put it in black & white- I think the edit really brings home the message this graffiti artist was going for. No matter how much you want to 'go somewhere', nothing will change until you step outside of your comfort zone!

the long road


Julia said...

Really neat pictures- I especially like that last one. The black and white really brings on a whole other dimension!

borne . image . photography said...

Very nice photos! Converting an image to b/w certainly can give it a different perspective! I love seeing how it changes ones that I've taken, too! Great message on your b/w here, as well!


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