About Me

I'm a 20-something who celebrates many obsessions: travel, photography, fluffy animals and food, to name a few. I like to find the beauty in everything and just want to live a happy life.

I love spending time behind the camera, and I hope to increase my skills and learn to take truly amazing shots. There are so many amazing resources and bloggers out there to help me on my way, so my hope is that 2012 will bring a drastic improvement to my shots!

This blog is just a place for me to post whatever interests me. There will be a ton of photos, but I also get distracted with home decorating, building projects, cooking, traveling and tons of other fun things! I hope you like eclectic! 


I married my best friend in May 2009 and share my life with him, Copper and Lyric {horses who've owned me for 13.5 and 12 years respectively}, Pepsi {meow} and Chowder {woof}.

Mr. Pony and I clean up really well- when we want to;).
photo by Ket Quang
Copper always has a lot to say.

Lyric generally stumbles over everything acts noble.

Pepsi thinks she is human and spends a lot of her time talking to us. And we talk back. *sigh*

Chowder just wants to cuddle with everyone {and playplayplay}!

Thanks for stopping by!


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