May 30, 2011

Good to Wow: Looking Up SOOC

This has been a great week, and I've got a lot of wonderful shots to go through and expand my editing skills with. For this week's Good to Wow/Shoot and Edit, I found a couple shots that I think will be fun to mess around with!

On the first pair, I'm hoping to turn these over and under exposed images into shots that really POP! *giggle*

And on these two, I want to improve the color quality of these shots of my gorgeous and amazing Roommateo!!

{Disclaimer: I know we no longer room together. We also live several states apart. This matters not in the least. She is still my Roommateo!!!}

BTW- This is my favorite SOOC shot this week!!

Stop by Jill's blog to see amazing SOOC shots and check back for everyone's edits and the weekly tutorial with Ashley!


Ashley Sisk said...

I'm loving the first and the last shot - can't wait to see the edits.

Cedar said...

What a fascinating background! Love her expression! The balloons are a great idea!


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