June 1, 2011

May Photo Hunt Challenge

Just what I needed... another photo hunt to get addicted to!! I love this one because it made me go back through all of my May images and I was able to use some of my favorites, as well as discover and appreciate some that I'd ignored the first time around. Lesson learned- always look at your pictures again after some time apart. You find new and beautiful images of your own creation!

1) Wind- I can almost hear the wind rustling through the leaves, even now...

2) Sprout

3) Fresh- These were delicious! Check out the recipe they were used in at Consumed Gourmet!

4) Vibrant- Life is full of surprises... and rubber duckies?

5) Unique- My beautiful, quirky, unique and awesome bestie- forever to be known as Roommateo! I miss you already!!

6) Wet

7) Lines- Turn this bike into a geared ride and I would be set! Adorableness on wheels!!

8) Spring Activity- Enjoying the sunshine seems very springy to me! {as does playing with adorable felines}

Sweet Shot Day
9) Reading Material

10) One-Point Perspective Lines- I'll be honest- I had to wiki this one. But in the end I love that I got to use this image!!

11) Something Juicy- This isn't what I personally would have chosen, but this pup made the choice for me. From the way he was nomming on that roller skate you would have thought it was the juiciest steak in the history of the world. There is no accounting for taste!

Badge Design By Troy

Stop HERE to see what other participants found this month!!


Roger Green said...

Seem to have a TRUCKLOAD of prompts! treehouse!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

A ton of neatness!

Amy said...

I am addicted to this photo hunt, too! ;) I love your Unique and Fresh photos... And your Spring Activity photo is so cute!

Adeena said...

Love your sprout and wet shots! :D

And that last one is a riot! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Omg that dog photo and what you said had me laughing. This is really fun. And wow - the waterfall.

LoriF said...

Hi! Trying to get to as many participants as possible...this challenge is mucho fun. My favorites...Spring Activity (adorable), Reading Material (cool book!) and 1-point perspective..very cool!

Kristi said...

Nice job with the Challenge! You had some very cool shots


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