May 17, 2011

In which I try to take a self portrait...

I'm getting inspired by Elena over at Selfie Magic to try spending more time in front of the camera. There really aren't a ton of pictures of me because, well... I'm always taking the shots! Well, today I spent some moolah and got a haircut for the first time since late December {yup, nearly .5 years ago} and got my hair cut. I'm loving Florence Welch's look {watch her video here and fall in love ASAP}, and was hoping to get a style like this:
And while my hair isn't that kind of vibrant red, I don't resonate the same kind of quirky British siren songstress-ness, and I don't intend to hold an apple 24/7, I think we got pretty close!

So I wanted pictures.

So I set up the tripod and the lights and settled in my new chair to Selfie the heck out of this haircut.

Then I got some help.

That wasn't so helpful.

In so many ways.

Sweet Shot Day
But at least he was adorable! And yes, there is a fuzzy cat taunting him from the left side of this shot.

And then finally I got a shot without canine intervention. It is amazing how much cute he adds to the picture!

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BTW- R is for reading, which is what I was supposed to be doing in my selfie shots- it just didn't work out!!!


alicia said...

Good for you! Elena is uber inspirational. And that one with you and the pup rocks.

Natalia Lynn said...

cute pics! Love the haircut. I need one desperately!

Roger Owen Green said...

Some day I'll figure out how to take pictures of myself. Eventually. In the probably distant future...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Mom said...

I might be a bit biased, but I think there's a TON on cuteness in the last pic! I like your haircut.

Mira said...

That's a really nice haircut! (and you're so pretty!). My favorite is the third photo with the dog, the one where you're holding him. For some reason, I don't see photos below that one. What kind of dog is that? (s)he is beautiful! btw Is it she or he? :)

helenmac said...

Great haircut and very brave photographer! a cute photographer with cute friends!
ABC Wednesday Team


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