May 26, 2011

Too many options!!!

So I bought {Pepsi} a chair for pet cuddling and reading. It is gloriously comfy and huge. But it shows some wear and tear. And by some I mean a lot.

So a slipcover it is! But do you know how many beautiful fabrics there are out there? How many types of fabric there are out there?

Do I go with a basic solid?

Or a bold print?


Or a combo of the two?


Or a whimsical print??


The choices are endless. Who would have thought it would be so tough??

Not that Pepsi appreciates all my decisioning. She just wants me to leave her chair alone.

And on a totally different note- to prove that I've actually used my camera in the last few days, here is a shot of another magnolia blossom! I love the soft texture of the leaves, and if you look deep inside, you can see a fuzzy little bee working at the pollen. They were carrying those little flower bits away, too!

The Daily Wyatt

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Deborah said...

That would have definitely been a tough choice for me, as well! Matter of fact, I have a couch that could use a nice slipcover right about now ... thanks for those suggestions! :) Your chair, or should I say Pepsi's chair, is beautiful! I love your choice of fabric, and it looks like she does too! :) Have a great weekend!


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