March 20, 2010

This is a vase, right?

Ok, so it isn't a vase. Yet. But it will be once I find the perfect {fake} flower to put in it. Until then, it is just a double old fashioned glass {which makes it sound adorable}. World Market has a plethora of cute trinkets right now {always} and this lovely oddment called to me- I see a white peony or 2 in her future! I also bought the clear highball version (never mind that the picture is green- World Market doesn't carry everything on their site, apparently).

I think that this too shall make a beautiful vase. Actually, I nearly bought 8 of each- our daily use cups are dwindling {no, I didn't break all of them- just 4 of the original 16}, and with these showing up in clear, green and blue right when I need an injection of elegant and pretty in my life, it seems almost like it was meant to be.

But Mr. Pony probably wouldn't understand the need to suddenly replace perfectly good cups just because these are more romantic. Oh well.

*shatter* Oops- there goes another one ;)

1 comment:

New Mommy!!! said...

I love peonys. The glasses are beautiful (and will be great vases!)

We used to have a World Market, but it closed.

No, hubbys don;t understand these things. Oh well;0

Have a great weekend!


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