March 7, 2010

Lots of Give-Aways!

Who doesn't like free stuff? Anyone? Anyone? That's what I figured. So today when I stopped by SITS to do some blog surfing and found an amazing post with hundreds of give away links, I was completely amazed with all the awesome and generous giveaways on the interwebz!
Start out at the SITS Blog Contest Link-Up and from there pick the entries that interest you- there are a lot, so you should find something that interests you! These women are all VERY serious about their giveaways, so for some of them there is a quite a large list of entry possibilities- you don't have to do all the entries, but I did at least a few of the different options. When there are 700+ entries, you have to up your chances!

A few of the freebie gems that caught my eye-

From Misery to Happiness is giving away a 6-qt Le Creuset stock pot. Le Creuset has beautiful dishes, with vivid enamel colors that make me love looking at them. Pretty, oui? Ends March 18.

Leslie Loves Veggies is giving away a Juara Skincare Glow-on-the-go Travel Kit. I've never heard of this brand before, but the concept of the company sounds eco-friendly and body friendly {always a plus} and lets face it- I love 'kits'. It always seems like a better deal {and this one is even free;)}. Ends 3/10.

Guessing All The Way has a fabulous apron from Flirty Aprons to give to a lucky winner. Not that I spend a HUGE amount of time in the kitchen {baking 2x a month counts, right?}, but when I am in there, it would be nice to only have 1/2 of me covered in flour {instead of the normal 100% of me, plus the floor, plus the counters, plus the ceiling- don't ask}. Ends 3/16.
Strangely enough, another blog is hosting a giveaway from the same vendor! The Adventures of Paul and Natalie is also giving away one of these aprons, so look around and you will have several chances to win one of these! Ends 3/16.

A Few of My Favorite Things is giving away a SPECTACULAR handbag from Etsy seller Charm Design. With good weather starting, I'm looking forward to dressing up and going out on the town, and getting a new clutch will complete {one} of my new outfits! Ends 3/10.
In another strange twist of fate, within 10 minutes I found 2 different blogs giving away sets of Le Creuset baking dishes, and as you may understand, I was excited (combine that with the stock pot above and I.Am.Done.). The giveaways feature a 9" and a 5" baking dish in a glowing turquoise. I'm Just Your Average Mom has a giveaway ending 3/21 and I'm A Sleeper Baker has pretty much the same giveaway ending 3/12.

So head out there and try your luck on the free-web!

1 comment:

Molly said...

I thought that was weird that my giveaway ended up listed next to a giveaway of the same thing! so funny. Thanks for blogging about it and entering, good luck!


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