March 22, 2010


The Pony family eats some darn good eats. A few weeks ago Mr. Pony made a fabulous lemon tart {yes, that is candied lemon peel and homemade whipped cream you see on top- be jealous}.

Then I made knock-off Samoa Girl Scout cookies (Caramel Delights for you young 'uns) using this recipe and they were FABULOUS. We ate the entire pan of bars in less than 3 days {Mr. Pony- "But I don't like coconut. Whaaaa"}. We didn't put any chocolate on the bottom- just an extra heavy drizzle on top and it worked out well {i.e. we were lazy}.

Then tonight, I decided to surprise Mr. Pony. You see, he went gallivanting to the frozen North. Without me. To Chicago. One of my favorite U.S. cities. {runs away crying} I'm not bitter.

So to make sure that he never, ever again chooses to leave me behind while he goes to visit the Windy City {and gorges on fabulous noms that are out of my reach}, I'm schmoozing him with madeleines. To be exact, I made a lemon-glazed madeleine recipe from a fabulous chef David Lebovitz {he lives in Paris now. *le sigh*}.

Ok, so the truth is I've owed these cookies to Mr. Pony for the last several months. Since October. Ok, 6 months. High time to give him a mini taste of Paris. And to make sure that he takes me there again as well.

Some might say that I'm actually rewarding him for having been gone, but I prefer my way of thinking. Seriously- this way I get cookies. Duh. To all you naysayers, here- have a cookie!

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