March 1, 2010


Deep down, I want to be a librarian. Not so much for the helping people find stuff part {use the computer, jack-ass}. More for the part where I control an entire building of books. Better yet, keep everyone else out of the library and just let me play with the stacks of literary treasure!


Ok, well at least let me create my own little library nook. Crate & Barrel and I have an understanding- they purposefully create the perfect items I've been dreaming of and price them out of my price range. They do this to encourage me {or Mr. Pony} to expand our creativity to find affordable solutions, thusly making us feel far superior to those schmucks who pay the C&B prices.

Or that is what I tell myself. {Really they just make me drool about the pretty things and save up, because my creativity has, once again, gone on holiday without me}

My library includes the following beauties-

In a perfect world, right? But a girl can dream:)

To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul. -Cicero

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