March 7, 2010

Out with the old

and in with the... redone? Ok, so it isn't a major change, but this weekend I was finally able to finish a project I've been battling with for a while- repainting our bookshelves! Mr. Pony and I each bought one of these during our college days ($50 each), and they've served us well in that time.

I will admit that from afar, they didn't look that bad. However, once you got a bit closer, you noticed the scratches, dents and wobbliness. The shelves are hooked in at only the 2 points on each side, and that means that they would perform a +/- 10 degree tilt, depending on where you put books on them. Not exactly what one looks for in a daily use bookshelf.

So I added some L brackets to each shelf and a reinforcement bracket to the long sides (the bookcase actually separates in the 3rd and 4th shelf), and then Mr. Pony and I built a paint booth in the garage and went paint happy!

We had several projects going at a time, so we've gone through 12 bottles of semi-gloss black spray paint {and nearly passed out once- open the garage at least 1/2 way for these projects- any less than that and you may start seeing purple elephants}. Long story short, now my bookcases are painted black and they look great!

I have one more project that I'm almost done with and then I'll share pictures of that too:)

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