June 23, 2009

Today I Love...

Bookit.com -Not because I've booked a vacation recently, but because it is fun to look at all the options and dream of vacations Mr. P and I will take as soon as we aren't poor from home-buying.

Not starting my week until Tuesday- Mr. P and I were in The Big City to see my aunt & uncle, visiting from Far Far Away, as well as to see Mr. P's parents, and we just took an extra day off. It was grand.

Gnome stuff- We just bought a lawn gnome. I loved the show David the Gnome as a child (and still even now;). I want this shirt.

Chocolate cake for breakfast- Mr. P's glorious choice for breakfast was chocolate cupcakes (sans frosting) for the week. *drool*

Gift cards- After dinner we went to Kohl's and used one of our wedding gifts (aka a gift card) to purchase... clothes for me. Yup, not exactly an 'us' purchase, but Mr. P insists he'll find something someday that he wants at Kohl's. Until then, my closet needs an update!

My pets- They are sometimes silly, sometimes inconvenient, and sometimes expensive, but when I get to cuddle up with my kitten or hug my ponies, they make it all worthwhile.

And for your viewing pleasure- here is a cat getting a bath!Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal. - Anonymous

*photo by me

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