June 7, 2009


Who said comfortable shoes can't be darn cute, too? I'm on the prowl for comfortable flat sandals now that my favorite pair of $10 Wal-Mart kicks have given up the ghost. Of course, my taste in shoes has changed since I purchased those [2 years ago]- now I crave nicer shoes. Its really true that the nicer shoes make you feel so much better after a long day of wear. For work and walking-heavy travels, I swear by Privos by Clarks- that $80 price tag looks like a lot up front, but once you've been in them all day and your feet barely hurt, they are worth every penny! So now I'm drooling over these shoes, and any like them. Now I just need to convince Mr. P that buying $200 worth of shoes isn't ridiculous!Funny that a pair of really nice shoes makes us feel good in our heads — at the extreme opposite end of our bodies. -Levende Waters

*shoes, in order, Caroline by Born, Renny by Sofft and Un.Coast by Clarks Un.Structured

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