June 13, 2009

Meet the kids!

I got lucky- Mr. P realizes that he is not the #1 man in my life. That title is held by this little guy:
My parents bought Copper for me 11 years ago (May 15 at about 5pm, not that I kept track) and this fat little dude has seen me through many moments of teenage angst and genuine sadness, as well as quite a few good times. In recent years, he has been mostly a glorified pasture ornament, but I'm reading up and planning on restarting him on his course as dressageeventingponyextraordinaire! We'll see how that goes- Copper has other ideas, so we'll see who wins!

Of course, when they bought Copper for me as a 13th b-day present, they said 'How hard could it be?'. Famous last words!! Horses are like potato chips- you can't stop with just one! About 1.5 years later I purchased another horse-Lyric (Scottish Lyric, to use the fancy show name I made up for him) is a Saddlebred. For you other equine enthusiasts, no, I didn't stutter, he really is a Saddlebred. He has lots of bone, lots of scope, and he was a wonderful mover. Last March he developed VERY severe stringhalt and can no longer be ridden, but he still looks damn sexy and is such a well-mannered and sweet boy! We used to do eventing and dressage, and he kicked ass. Next time I go to purchase a competition horse, this fellow is the standard by which all those other horses will be measured. Is it a high bar? Yes. Hopefully some other horse will hit it!

Last but not least is or worthless, no-good furball of a kitten. Pepsi is a 14lb. Maine Coon cross who gets her way much too often and spends 3/4 of her life on her back waiting for a belly rub. Its a rough life, but some kitty has to do it!
Sometime in the near future (after we buy our house) we are planning to get a dog, but we don't know how that will go over with the queen of the roost (aka- the cat), and sometime in the next decade I'd like to get a new horse to compete with, but for now, this is the Pony brood about which you'll hear so much! Aren't they adorable?

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France

*all photos by Mr. Pony or the Mrs. Pony's parents

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