August 5, 2009

Who is in charge here?

Mr. Pony and I have lots of projects we'd like to do.
1) Finish painting.
2) Do touch-ups.
3) Put up art & decor

But above all, we MUST free the cat- she has been demanding liberty for several days now. The problem? Darling Pepsi chews on lots of things- shoes, cords, books- and the more expensive, the better. Thus, she lives in our master bedroom unless otherwise supervised, but as you can see, she is eager to experience the outside world. Mr. Pony and I would also like to have our door open once in a while, so we plan to make something like this to put in front of our doorway. So, *tada*! We have our weekend project! Stay tuned for results.

Cats are kindly masters, just so long as you remember your place. - Paul Gray

*photo by me

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