August 12, 2009

Pottery Barn= <3

We need lots of things to make our house look 100% awesome. Whats on my wishlist?

This would look smashing in our bedroom- I want to make a reading nook on one side of the room, but the cat loves to chew on things- book corners, shoes, pretty decorations. This, or a suitably vintage barrister bookcase, would let both of us enjoy the area!

Of course, no reading nook is complete without a smushy overstuffed chair! This, with a storage ottoman, would be fabulous.

My old desk and I have kind of broken up- its a rolltop, I use a laptop... we just aren't the same as when we first got together. However, this desk adds a classic yet modern vibe, plus it the back of it won't keep my laptop from opening.

We don't really need a new coffee table but... this one looks like it came straight out of a library. How can I not want it?

Right now, all of our barware and alcohol is sitting on a window seat made for growing pretty things and sipping coffee {imagine something like these}. I'd like to liberate the beauty of that spot for pondering, so we need a buffet for all our boozing (or a barffet, as Mr. Pony has dubbed it). *sigh* Of course, all this stuff is from Pottery Barn, so the likelihood of me getting all {any} of these exact things = zero. But a) inspiration is a good thing and b) a woman can dream, right?

Dust is a protective coating for fine furniture. - Mario Buatta

*photos from the Pottery Barn website

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