August 15, 2009


Right now, I adore this bar. It folds out to this, which holds more than we need to hide away one's alcoholic tendencies. Plus, it does so in style. As I mentioned previously, we are currently mis-treating a perfectly good window seat. All of our bar ware is on the seat, and our booze is in a box sitting next to the dining room table. We look klassy. Yes, with a 'k'.

I have daydreams of turning the window seat area into a lovely reading/food photography nook, which I'd like to make resemble this peaceful image

with the addition of this
and thisand something like this

But refer back to our starting image for what is required to make this all happen. If we can hide all our alcoholic{ism} gear in something that is both functional and pretty, I think I'll be halfway to my peaceful reading room goal. Of course, the only things Mr. Pony and I can find that we like the look AND the quality of stuff from places like Crate & Barrel- not bad in and of itself, but our budget, especially after buying the house, doesn't really leave room for such a store. *runs off to purchase a money tree*

Dreams are free, so free your dreams. - Astrid Alauda

*photos from Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn

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Anonymous said...

Lovely choice on the bar roomateo :p


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