August 25, 2011

Streets and Beaches

I'm slowing sifting through all my shots from vacation (I filled up too many memory cards. Oops!), and I want to share some of the shots that caught my eye in the last 15 minutes. I threw them through a little post processing (adjusting levels, color conversions, etc), and I'm loving the vintage feel these show!

The sand was all over my shoes... my jeans... my face... but I wasn't all that upset. There were tons of pups running around having a great time, and these two were playing tag back and forth across the beach. What a great way to spend a day!

The Daily Wyatt

I love the life in this street scene. The two performers were really into their music, the people were having a great time watching them, and the street car was kind enough to give me a perfect photo op!

and then, she {snapped}

After editing this shot, I realized that black and white conversions can turn back the clock. You can't tell that we have tons of modern streetlight in the image, or that the cars were bright yellow taxis- you just see a dapper gentleman out for a stroll. Lovely.

Click It Up A Notch


Ashley Sisk said...

WOW - love that street scene - I almost thought it was a movie still. And that last shot...seriously. Love that.

Kathy said...

Visiting from "Click it up a notch". I just adore that black and white. And you are absolutely right, it eliminates any sense of time period....could be modern, could be retro. You have a real knack for street scenes.


Sara said...

LOVE this b&W shot! It really does look vintage, love the orbs from the car lights, just brilliant!

Lish said...

I love the street night should link up at my new linky party-it's my first photo challenge and I would love to see you there!Link up this one or anything else you feel would fit.

Saun said...

The street night shot is awesome...
love it

Anonymous said...

Great last shot! Looks like a scene from a movie for sure.

Courtney said...

Wow!! First off, that street shot is awesome! Love the slow motion blur!! Really adds to the movement and livelyness (is that a word) of the city!! And that black and white! Are you kidding me!! Wow!! You picked a nice conversion to give it a timeless feel!! Plus, that hat and his suit really makes me feel like it's an old photo like you said. Love all the lens flare as well!! So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these!! I have loved being a part of your photography journey!!!


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