August 15, 2011


I'm sure you noticed that I've been absent for a while.

*chirp chirp*

Ok, fine, maybe not. I promise, I'm not offended- summer is in full swing and I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful weather! I know we did when we were on vacation in... California!!

We spent a few days in San Francisco (and I would love to go back and see more of the city), a few in Big Sur and a couple days in Yosemite. So much variety, beauty, wonderful weather and color! I'll post high lights later, but for now I think I'll rejoin the photo meme parade, so sit back and enjoy!

The theme this week for the Good to Wow challenge is bright & colorful, and I think this shot meets that nicely. The filtered light of the Cali coast was perfect for photography, and the variety of growing bits on the coastal hills was breathtaking. I'm honestly going to have to work hard to make this image better- I love it!

Fortunately, the Quotography theme this week is also 'colorful', so I had a lot of options for this one as well!

Quotography at {My}Perspective

Yup, Big Sur really agrees with me. Seriously, many more images of this area to come!


Martha Z said...

I like the way the colors blend together in the bokeh background.
Who couldn't love Big Sur?

Michelle said...

I like your first shot too -- but I had to laugh -- the colors remind me more of autumn, than summer! lol!

Cedar said...

Love that second image~the fabulous red towards the bottom; gorgeous! Very lovely flowers~I look forward to your edit!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love the first shot. Beautiful.

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Looks like a gorgeous place! I can't wait to see more!


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