July 10, 2011

Lazy weekend

I haven't really gotten much done this weekend, but that is what weekends are for, right? Right??

I do still have an afternoon left to rectify my laziness. On this afternoon's list:
- shorten some pants {a lot}
- put up some home decorating stuff
- play with my larger children {the ponies}
- clean desk

Thought that last one... well, we'll see about that.

At least I got some photos taken this week!

1) Things that look like a letter- I actually had my own little project where I found something for every letter of the alphabet (maybe I'll post it here one day). I figured I'd try to find a new one for this, looked up, and the sky solved the search for me! I see an A... possibly an F... or a B? Whatever, it looks like a letter!

2) Weather- I'd love for it to rain. I really would. But all we get is this.

Seems like it would be lovely, right?


It seriously reduces my productivity and brings on an extreme case of the naps, as demonstrated by this beastie.

Dreadful stuff. And dry.

3) Bling- I'm afraid I had to go into the archives for this one. I was so intent on thinking outside the box for this that I... well, you know, didn't take a photo.

So without further ado... Paris!

4) Tangled- You know how some people (horses) can manage to have perfect hair all day, every day, without effort?

That isn't me. Or Copper. To avoid showing horrid pictures of myself, I'll share with you Copper's tangle.

This happened roughly two minutes after I finished grooming his tail. Damn Adorable pony.

5) Dark- Lyric has huge, dark eyes.

They provide a rather effective mirror, as well.

He is also pretty darn talented at making silhouettes.

Good job, Lyrical pony.

Next week's prompts are

1) Black and White
2) Reflections in Glass
3) Headlights
4) Seeing Double
5) Bare


Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - I love the Paris photo.

d. said...

great pictures! love them all! the dark shots are perfect!

Stasha said...

Love the name of your blog. Great shots, you and me, we think alike :) Amazing bling shot!

Kel said...

I just LOVE horses eyes. I have a few myself and it's soo much fun to see the colors it gives back (like the hint of blue around and in his eye)...awesome job

Marla said...

I love the dark shot. Very pretty. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Renegades said...

Your tangled and dark photos are awesome because they involve horses. Love the beasts!

Teresa said...

I just love all of these~how could you not love pony pictures. That dark reflective eye is just amazing!

Mom said...

Oh.............when I think of all the time we've spent combing pony tails................Good times!

EG Wow said...

LOVE the reflection in the pony's eye!

Anonymous said...

love your photos!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Hard to believe that hair is a horse's tail. Looks like a person's!


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