July 2, 2011

June Photo Hunt

1. Sun/Lens Flare

2. A Street Scene

3. Signage

4. Creative Crop- I took this literally- Tiger melon is a very creative crop to grow!

5. A Fountain- of words?

6. B & W with Selective Coloring

7. Cookout/Picnic

8. Body of Water

9.  Great Outdoors

10. Fish- Ok, so this isn't quite a fish... but scallops do live in the water!

11. Roughin It

12. A Different Point of View

Check out the other amazing entries!

1 comment:

Nukke said...

Your B&W is so beautiful pic !!!! And great outdoors is beautiful too. I also like your street view and sun flare photos !!!!

Have a nice day !


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