June 12, 2011

Rejoining the Hunt!

Last week I completely missed getting any prompts done for the hunt until Saturday night. At that point, I figured I'd just take a break for a week and rejoin later. Well, that time has come. You are welcome.

In any case, here are my shots for the week {hm... shots... that sounds like an excellent idea! But I digress...}. Stop by Ashley's blog for more amazing entries!!

1) Long Exposure- This one I didn't really get, but the exposure on this image was fairly long, and I love pictures of my boys!!

2) Shapes- This is black gold garlic. We got three heads of this stuff and it cost $8.00!! However, the flavor is really amazing and distinct, and it is seriously gorgeous. The only edit on this shot was the watermark- the rest is just naturally awesome texture!

3) Green

4) Fruit- Our local farmer's market had a huge number of vendors today. Several of them had these adorable little Tiger melons. They are wee and delicious!

5) Childhood Memory- As of May 14th {at about 5pm}, Copper and I have been together for more than half of my life. I think you can say that makes him a major childhood memory! Oh, and he isn't always this cranky looking. He just has a moral opposition to sharing sugar cubes.

Remember to stop by Ashley's blog, check out all the wonderful entries, and join in next week! Next week's prompts are:
1) Emotion
2) From a Flower's Point of View
3) Natural Frame
4) Letters
5) Bliss


Sherrie said...

Great shots. Love the long exposure one. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Branson said...

Your green shot is amazing! Never even heard of a tiger melon! Lol.

Ashley Sisk said...

Love the green shot and the mood of your long exposure shot is quite lovely. Also love the last shot.

Carmen said...

WOW.... I have never heard of tiger melon or the gold garlic. Very interesting!!!

Krista said...

The pic of the fruit is really cool. For my long exposure I had a pic that was of light painting - that being said, I knew someone that light painted their dog while they were sleeping. Perhaps an idea to keep in mind!

Ewa said...

I would love to try the tiger melon and add a bit off that garlic to my meal !
I love you flower shot!


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