April 25, 2011

Remember this?

Several months ago, I decided I wanted to move from a dorm room-esque bed situation to something prettier more mature. I was thinking something like this bed from Ana White's blog.

From Ana-White.com
If you were with me back in January, you might remember that getting all the wood for this queenly project nearly outdid our poor little Civic.


I will definitely do a project review soon, but for tonight, I'm just so excited to share the pictures of this project. Yes- the lighting is awful. Yes- I'll do better later this week. However, I owe several people images of this, so here you are, my lovelies {mostly just you, roommateo!}.

You might notice that one of the pillows has a distinctly dog-ish shape to it. *sigh* This simply means that Mr. P and I are suckers. We've kept Chowder off of the bed when we are in the room no matter what- we wanted to keep the bed a bit neater, keep Pepsi's food out of reach (it sits on the stand to the left) and... I dunno, I'm sure we had other reasons.

But look at this face.

Well... maybe not that one. How about this one?

He is so happy to be sharing the brand new fancy bed with us! Cuddle doggy, cuddle!

Sweet Shot Day

Well, believe me, he is excited. Very, very thrilled.

Stop back later this week to see a full project review {with better images}!

Also check out the DIY Show Off- there are a lot of great project inspirations on there!
 The DIY Show Off

And if you think that completing this bed finishes up 'Project Master Bedroom', then you are severely misled. We still have a reading nook, a litter-box hiding cabinet and artwork to address! To see other projects in progress, stop by Ma Nouvelle Mode!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

beautiful bed and dog. The dog is definitely digging the new bed spread.

Jessica said...

WOW! Great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, LOL I feel for you on moving furniture. But with a doggy smile like that how can you resist sharing! Love it.

deb duty said...

This looks great! Love the cute dog too!

Lizzi said...

Love your bed! Now I want to get to work on my room!

We have two dogs so I know very well the dog-bed battle. No matter how hard we try there are always dog-size indentations on our pillows.

Sue said...

Cool bed!

Not sure I'd be willing to share with the dog, but have to admit he's a cute one...


Heather H said...

Love the bed...and the dog! My friend made that same bed. It's beautiful!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

New Follower here :) Love the new bed!!! and your dog snap shots!! ha ha Happy Tuesday!!

Natalia Lynn said...

Thanks so much for linkinig up! This looks great. I can't wait to see the other pictures!


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