April 19, 2011

Over the weekend, Mr. Pony made tacos al pastor (with homemade refried beans and avocado sauce!). Delicious.

To make it even better, he made me {after some cajoling on Chowder's part- I was totally innocent of any pestering} a pineapple margarita! Talk about a fantastic meal!

My belly was quite happy!

I'm also happy because I've had a bit more time to play with PhotoShop recently, and I am having so much fun! My trial is about out, so Mr. Pony says that we'll be getting it shortly- yay for {another} birthday present! I did a bit of cropping and color editing on this next shot (hence the PS comment).

Sweet Shot Day

Badge Design By Troy

These charming little barn swallows have built a nest (see- it fits the ABC challenge!) right outside our back door! They are pretty annoyed with us every time we open the door, but so far we have not been dive-bombed by them. I'm hoping I can get a ladder and take some shots of the eggs soon! You can almost see momma bird sitting on the eggs- just her tail is showing. Adorable!

I also got to edit a shot from last week- I ran PW's Boost twice on this shot and then did a quick edge burn and lowered the opacity to 30(ish) percent. I like how it came out!

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Wanda said...

Oh that meal just makes my mouth water...and that margarita has all that wonderful salt...mmmm what a deal!

Your photography is wonderful, and love your little bird and nest.

Roger Owen Green said...

NICE set of photos!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Grace and Bradley said...

You did very well with the butterfly, marvelous!

chubskulit said...

Nice 'n Neat Nummies nummies too!

Retired Navy for N, hope you can come by and comment. Thank you!


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