January 16, 2011

Talk about ridiculous!

I have recently entered the wide world of woodworking {see here and here}. Now that I've completed those projects, I am ready to move onto the project I wanted to start with originally- a bed!
Specifically, this bed.
From Ana-White.com
The wood list for this one is fairly extensive (at least compared to my other projects), but I went to Lowe's this morning determined to get all the boards I'd need to make this happen. The only thing I changed is that instead of all the 1x8s that Ana used for the head and footboards, I just got a 4x8x3/4 piece of plywood and had it cut to the sizes needed for both pieces. I like the slightly more finished look of using one flat piece for each of those spots. Plus it was only $40 for the piece of blondewood ply! I was fearfully hopeful optimistic that everything would fit in our little Civic, and it did.

Just barely.

Were I any taller, this would not have worked. As it is, the helpful guys at Lowe's had to cut down my scrap piece of plywood to make it fit!

One of these days, between my equine addiction and my woodworking hobby, we may need to consider getting a truck. Or at least a large sedan. Those can tow a trailer, right??

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