April 5, 2011

How wonderful, dahling!

It looks like my dahling camera will henceforth be referred to as "Scarlet". You'll have to forgive us if we tend towards the dramatic from now on- a name like that means we now have a reputation to make {or something like that}. In either case, thank you to all who helped me pick out Scarlet's name!

In other news, Mr. Pony is awesome- I got a lot of great birthday presents this year! It started with the tripod (check here , here and here), which I received about 2 months early. Then a few days ago another small package arrived! He placed it on my desk at, at eye level, to taunt me. But then a couple days later I was being particularly grumpy, so.. I got to open my other birthday present a month early! Yaya!! I love necklaces, and this one jingles charmingly when I move and makes me feel all fancy!

I played around with this in PS for a little bit- adjusting curves, running an action (#2 from Night-Fate) and had fun with it! SOOC is below.

Other spots of sunshine in my week were spending some time playing with my ponies (and taking some pictures, of course)

and hanging out with my kitten, who apparently found something fascinating outside to watch. She sat like that for several minutes, bobbing up and down to get a better look. Of course I couldn't see anything, but I'll assume it was amazing. 

Sweet Shot Day


Julie said...

Cute pony. I have a thing for redheads. ;)

Heart n Soul said...

How lovely...loving the necklace.


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