February 22, 2011

My tripod is teasing me

Her legs have arrived, and they are sitting in the closet tapping their feet until the head comes in later this week. We ALL want to get to some serious macro-sizing, and I can't wait! I'm hoping this will help me do away with the 15 "mm... that one is a smidge blurry" shots I get for every 1 good macro photo I keep.

But until the head gets in, the legs and I will get acquainted (don't get cheeky thinking about that) and I'll be ready when the tripod is complete!

In other news- Chowder!

Sweet Shot Day 

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

I'm linking this shot up with Touch up Tuesday, Sweet Shot Tuesday and the Happiness Project. Above is my final product, below is SOOC- I don't have any photo editing software, but for now I'm pleased with the results I get in Picnik! And as for why this works for the other two link-ups? Just look at those eyes! One of the best parts of my day today was coming home and playing with this little pup:).

And over at 2babycakes, the theme this week is 'yummy', so today's produce gets to step into the blog-light as well!

Yum indeed, as long as you like brussell sprouts, that is!! Which, of course, you should. :)


Hollie said...

I have BAD memories of brussell sprouts... *shutter* But... it's a great shot!

Petra said...

What a beauty! (The dog, that is) Okay, the (holding my nose) brussell sprout shot is great. Nice, beautiful green color. Great job on that. You make it look REALLY appealing, but I'm still not going to eat it!! :)

Cyn said...

Well I am in the minority -- I LOVE brussel sprouts and that is a delicious photo of them! Your furbaby is adorable!

Gretchen said...

I love Brussell sprouts... great shot! AND the dog is most adorable! =)

kewkew said...

I now love Brussell sprouts. As a kid I didn't, but now, yum


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