August 21, 2012

The best part of waking up

is having someone else make you coffee. But if that isn't an option, then I still enjoy making some for myself. Last year my husband and I got an amazing deal on a super fancy espresso machine that I am just barely competent enough to use. I really enjoy having him make fancy coffee beverages for me anyway, so I make him be my personal barista as much as possible.

Then life happened. And our schedules don't line up as much as they used to. Now *gasp* I have to make my own coffee. Life. Isn't. Fair.

But I'm getting the hang of it. I still end up with steamed milk that is really just warm- it isn't the airy, whipped concoction that spectacular baristas pour into fanciful shapes at cafes. But it suffices.

I get coffee. The world is allowed to live. Win-win.

Paper Heart Camera


Emily Spark said...

At least it does the job! I drink one cup of white tea, and it suffices...for now!

Sue said...

Beautiful photos!


leigh said...

I love small gestures too. :)

Kaeley said...

I couldn't imagine life without my morning cup of coffee! Love the photos!!


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