August 30, 2012

That will teach him...

While the husband was gone earlier in the week, I found a way to show him what happens when you leave me alone for a few days with cash and internet access.

The glory of Craigslist!

Yes, it is a table, with the legs removed and on its topside. But still a pretty table with fun details and legroom! Our current table has odd support beams underneath that end up giving 0 leg room, even for someone as short as me.

I've been trolling CL for a while, but my cheapness has kept me from buying anything. This little {large} baby was only $30 though, and the former owners were kind enough to deliver it for me since my poor wee car couldn't carry the table!

The legs are held in place by wood blocks and wing nuts, so are easy to remove (perfect!). I'm sure the table used to have leaves, but none came with it. However, if I went crazy and wanted to make some, the table opens underneath with this adorable crank mechanism- I love it!

At some point someone defaced the top with an ugly, plastic-y black top, but I think that can get stripped off and then I'll refinish in a dark stain. If not, I will end up just sanding and painting some lovely color. But I'm hoping for the stain- she'll look so pretty new!

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