August 16, 2012

The world ended.

Well, I may be exaggerating. But for a period of time last night, Facebook wouldn't work for me. It said my account was unavailable due to a site issue? My first thought? "HOW DO I CONNECT WITH PEOPLE???" Then I remembered that I still have a phone. And email. And Twitter (though I'm still a bit lost on the land of small birdlets). The silver lining on this murky gray interwebz cloud is that I had a chance to go through Google Reader and clear out a couple hundred blog notifications {oops}! In that pile, I discovered:

an amazing collection of images about family, Sweden and just being awesome {here}

something reported to be the best lemon cake I (or you) will ever eat {here}

great ideas for improving the feel of your workspace {here}

the adorably quirky style and fabulous tattoos of a fellow cat-lover {here}

a glowing white farmhouse that I love to look at but am way to messy to live in {here}

romance in Holland {here}

a ground-shaking-ly fantabulous paper craft that should be completed by all humans {here}

What? I like gnomes!!

And since I hate posts without photos, here is a squirrel!

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