January 2, 2012

Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011

So long, 2011! I'm pretty sure time has warped somehow- I can still remember the terror that gripped the world as we approached the year 2000 (would the computers explode???). It doesn't seem like that was so many years ago! Now I'm starting to sound like my parents (right Mom?)!!

Besides flying by, 2011 was an amazing year- lots of lessons learned, skills furthered and memories made. It can be hard to keep everything straight in my mind, so I thought I'd try Ashley Sisk's Memories, Dreams and Reflections for a second time (see what 2010 looked like here). I love looking through my images from the past year to see what stands out, what terrifies me and ultimately see how far I have come in the past year!

1. Me!

This year I have worked harder at keeping all of my hobbies {photography, building stuff, sewing, ponies, etc} going in a reasonable way. I'm happier when I feel productive, and while I still have a ways to go, I'm pleased with the balance I've reached so far!

2. I Love You 

Mr. Pony has learned a lot this year as well- his true passion is cooking, and he is discovering so many ways to improve his culinary skills. I love watching you cook, baby {and eating the results!!}.

3. Still Laughing

Chowder doesn't like water. He grumbles when it rains. So when we asked him to walk into a gently flowing stream, he thought we were NUTS. After carrying him down the bank, my husband basically had to pull him into the stream, so... Chowder jumped. He bounced in the middle and right across to the other side, then stood there glaring at us. *sigh* Yes, he is prissy.

4. Winter Wonderland

I visited the Frozen North around the holidays of 2010 into early 2011. I still miss the snow (though I don't want it for as long) and joy of hot chocolate after coming in from the cold (but I only need a few of the really cold nights). 

5. Birthday

For my birthday this year we went on a day trip to a city we both enjoy. I even got him to pose for pictures with me- yay!!

6. Friends

My best friend came to visit earlier this year. I still need to return the favor, but trips can be so hard to get planned out sometimes! I miss her a ton, and can't wait until we end up living closer to each other again!!

7. I Was Inspired

Autumn is by far my favorite season. A quick visit to Minneapolis with my parents gave me a small taste of the season I miss the most- the colors inspire me more than any others!

8. Spring Fever

I had never seen this type of flower before, and when they started showing up this spring, I was thrilled with their vibrant beauty!

9. Travel or Vacation

This shot is from Big Sur, California- seriously so much color and peace that I felt like I was at the end of the world.

A different 'end of the world' idea- this image is from Alcatraz Island. Bleak, but returning to beauty as nature reclaims it.

10. Summer Days
What is more summery than a bajillion rubber ducks;)?

11. A Day in my Life

I never used to drink much coffee, and certainly not espresso, but after Mr. Pony got a nice espresso machine, it soon became a habit. Now I start almost every morning with a delicious cappuccino or latte, and it makes the morning complete!
12. All Smiles

I know, I know. A squirrel? But when this little fellow let me get so close (for the low price of a few peanuts), I was thrilled! I got dozens of adorable shots of this dude nom-ing away on his nutty treasures, and I loved it!

13. Autumn Harvest

So this isn't really an autumn thing, but I wanted to include our harvest of onion flowers somewhere! They are so beautiful and delicious {and under-utilized} and I love this shot!

14. Family or Home

A momma bird decided to build her nest right outside our back door this spring. We spent all spring listening to them chirp demandingly and watching them sprout their fluffy little feathers. So cute!

15. Celebrate!

My friend asked me to do a maternity and family photo session for her, and we had so much fun! They are very excited to meet their new baby!

16. Let's Do It Again

We saw these street musicians in San Francisco, and I was so excited by the vibrant colors, awesome music and perfect scenery. I would love to find a shot like this again or visit that city again!!

17. I Miss You

Nope, this isn't a long lost kitty of mine that you haven't met. What I really miss is the beautiful green you see in this shot! Fall is my favorite season, by far, but every once in a while I miss verdant green fields and lush smelling groves. Idyllic;)

18. Beautiful

I took this shot with my 24-105L lens right after I got it, and I'm still in love with the sharp focus and the AMAZING bokeh this thing produces! So beautiful!

19. Dress Up

Chowder got all decked out for the last Harry Potter movie! I'm not sure that he really enjoyed this much, but distraction via treats allowed me to get a few cute shots!

20. Macro

Earlier in the year I did a close up study of Chowder (here, here, here and here). I loved this macro of his nose- having a bit of grass stuck there is so typical of our silly wee pup, and I love the details the macro lens picks up!

21. Holidays

I chose to interpret this as a vacation kinda holiday so I could include this shot. I took this in Big Sur, and I love how it looks in B&W- the water was so cold, but I would totally put my feet back in there! Of course, a few moments later a larger wave caught me off guard and I was soaked til above my knees- at least the camera was safe!

22. My Favorite

I am a huge fan of cool, tropical adult beverages on hot summer days- this peach and strawberry sangria really hit the spot on a 100+ degree day!

23. Don't Ever Change

My friend's daughter is such a wee character- this was a totally unprompted pose! She just ran onto the bridge and started a gunfight- it was amazing! I hope she never loses that joyful independence and amazing personality!

24. Just Because... So There!

I love this shot because of the texture, the dreamy focus and the fact that, unintentionally, I caught a fly in the shot. This was the perfect shot for my summer- there was a big drought, so only weeds and flies had a successful summer!

25. Hopes and Dreams

For next year, I hope to find a job that doesn't make me angry. I hope to get the chance to do more portrait shoots. I hope to start riding my old pony again. I hope to add another pet to the family.

I dream of taking a vacation somewhere where the air smells fabulous and people don't drive lifted trucks. I dream of buying a house with land so my ponies can live right outside my back door. I dream of sipping coffee on cool mornings and chatting with my husband.

Simple enough things- here is hoping and dreaming that I can make it happen!


Mimi said...

loved your shots! I really liked your bday, celebrate, lets do it again and vacation shots. The Alcatraz picture is simply stunning.

Nat said...

great shots! I especially like your travel shots. The whole set made me feel serene.

Ashley Sisk said...

WOW - you've really captured some gorgeous and creative shots. I'm inspired!

Skye said...

I really love the picture of the old building interior (alcatraz?) - i love broken down burnt out old buildings... great shot! And I love the i miss you shot- awwww.


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