January 15, 2012

Behold- Pickle!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I have prevailed! After months of sending emails with photos of cute adoptable puppies, squealing at opportune moments while web surfing and outright begging, Mr. Pony caved before my onslaught and we have added to our family!

Behold- Pickle!

Really, he is thrilled. Just tired. He came with a case of kennel cough, but that happens when you are a 10 week old puppy at an animal shelter!

No, we have no idea what he is. The shelter listed him as a collie mix, but his face looks a bit hound-ish, his paws are pretty big and his body seems slightly too long for his legs. But that could be an awkward puppy phase, not a breed trait. We'll find out as he grows {hopefully not to a giant size!}.

He spends a lot of time sleeping right now. And peeing on stuff- sometimes outside, sometimes not. *sigh* However, we are in the process of housebreaking and he is starting to get the hang of it. We were spoiled by Chowder, who came to us at 4 months old already housebroken- perfect {other than the parvo}.

Speaking of Chowder- he is learning to love his little puppy shadow. It might take a bit, but they are getting along. Of course, he does have his 'HOLY CRAP' moments.

But you can't really blame him- this is a big change and he is used to being the canine center of attention. No worries, he'll get used to it and we are giving him lots of attention!

1 comment:

Huongy-Poo said...

Pickle looks so much bigger in the pics than real life! But he's going to be HUGE!!!! ;)

And I <3 the last pic of Chowder, LOL.


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