January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Its been a busy week here- mostly because we are constantly chasing Pickle around, preventing him from peeing or chewing on stuff. He is finally getting the hang of this "house training" stuff and even asks to go outside sometimes. Phew! I sure don't know how you parents of human babies manage- dealing with one puppy has been enough for me!

But that sweet little face makes it all worthwhile! He didn't feel so hot when we first got him due to a case of kennel cough. That meant he wasn't showing much personality or interest in us, which had us bummed.

Oh what a course of antibiotics can do!

This waggly little explorer is all over the place- he is convinced he is a lap dog {so we hope he stays under 40lbs...}, an underground explorer {I finally stopped the digging by putting a flower pot in the hole- he was confused}, and a second shadow for his big brother.

Um... He's behind me, isn't he?

The two dudes are getting along smashingly now. Chowder has slowed his play fights down so that Pickle can keep up with his puppy galumphing. He also avoids complaining when Pickle tries to rip out his throat with vicious puppy attacks- so far all that happens is that Chowder's fur gets a bit wet and he falls asleep. Poor Pickle has work to do;).

All in all, we think we made a wonderful addition to the family when we adopted Pickle. And Pickle thinks so too... when he isn't so tired from all the cute play stuff a puppy must do!

and then, she {snapped} Live and Love...Out Loud
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Anonymous said...

awww. Sooo adorable!! Love your new pup.


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