November 6, 2011


1) Food-It is distinctly possible that I am spoiled when it comes to food. Case in point- creme brulee sous vide cheesecake (instructions can be found here for the culinarily brave). The red bits are raspberry that was frozen in liquid nitrogen. Yum!

2) Purple- I'm working on taking pictures of things that aren't as interesting to me and trying to make them look cool. This is basically my first try at that, and while I don't think it really succeeded, I do like the purple of the cabbage!

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge 

3) In Disguise- Somehow I didn't get one for this recently. I know- I'm a failure! I love Halloween, but this year I got the house decorated, then pooped out- no costume for me! Next year:) Instead, I shall share a photo of Chowder pretending to be a Hogwarts student!

Photography love... 

4) Shapes- Meet Bear. He loves playing ball. And swimming. Sometimes. After working himself up to jumping into the water. Such a sweetie! I was trying to get shots of the shapes of the water ripples when he swam into the frame and I love this image!

5) Photographer's Choice- What can I say? I love Pepsi's smushed, sleepy little face!!

Next week's prompts are:
1) Before and After (processing)
2) Opposing Lines
3) Custom Bokeh
4) Which pair of shoes should I wear?
5) Little features (little hands, little feet, etc)


Ashley Sisk said...

Love your first shot...and in disguise is adorable.

Miriam said...

Lots of lovely pictures here! I am stopping by from project Alicia and I just love purple cabbage!!! I also have a Pepsi, my Pepsi is a Greyhound, similar colours though :)

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

Love the shapes shot!

Deanna @ Life. Captured. said...

I love your in disguise! So sweet! And your food shot is just perfect!

gotmycamera said...

What a cute cat...pepsi is so cute.

Linda R. said...

What great shots.. I love your kitty shot.. Sooooo cute..

alicia said...

The cabbage is a great idea for purple week. Lovely collection of captures! Thanks so much for joining the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge!


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