November 26, 2011

Library envy

You know that scene in Beauty in the Beast where Beast shows Belle his library?

Yeah, that scene. I want that. Sadly, Mr. Pony thinks it is unlikely {barring the death and subsequent bequeathment of wealth from a rich/royal foreign relative that everyone in both families somehow failed to mention} that we'll be able to afford such an opulent monument to the gods of literature. *le sigh*

To fend off the doldrums encouraged by my lack of a palatial library, Mr. P found a site through which I can live vicariously. Children- avert your eyes. The gratuitous awesomeness of this site may be more than young eyes can handle.

It is nearly too much for my eyes.

<3 <3 <3 Bookshelf Porn <3 <3 <3

Those are hearts, in case you are wondering.

This site has a bazillion jewels of bookshelf-y awesomeness, such as these:

Trinity College- Dublin  source

And if that wasn't enough for you, I've also discovered that Pinterest has tons of amazing library-centric images to drool over!
source and source
source, source and source

source and source
Of for the chance to cuddle up in those spots and read some of those dog-eared novels. What a dream! I believe I shall never donate or sell a book ever again- I must work towards this level of library-ishness somehow!!

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