November 27, 2011

Gray and yellow, gray and yellow...

No, that isn't the title of a horrible rap song. Those are actually two colors that I have become obsessed with. I want clothes, shoes, art... everything in that combo of beauty. It seems that I picked this up from the design world, which figured out over a year ago that they yellow and gray palette was going to be the next big thing.

Who needs to be at the forefront of stuff anyway. Blah.

But now that I'm obsessed, I have decided to put this color combo to good use on my newest acquisition. Behold her garage-held beauty!!

She even comes with a mirror that has some adorable details at the top.

Yes, our garage is a mess. Yes, it is my fault entirely. Whatevs!

But what does this Craigslist beauty have to do with gray and yellow? I shall turn to my good friend Pinterest to help you understand the connection.


I know those don't all have yellow on them, but the basic idea is that I will use a darker gray for the main portion of the dresser, and then yellow for the accents. The hardware is a bronze-y color. I'm wondering how effective painting that would be as well.

In either case, I intend to use her to convert my closet wasteland into a much prettier and more functional space. Currently, it looks much like it did in college, only with more clothes.

It may take me a few weeks to get this project done, but I'm looking forward to it! Please share any tips or tricks you have for repainting and refinishing old furniture!

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