November 3, 2011


It is quite remarkable how I never get tired of taking pictures of my little balls of fur. Chowder sometimes poses for me.

Of course, it did take several takes to get that image. He always turns his head away as soon as I click the shutter- I have a TON of motion shots of the dude. Oh well:).

And want to know a little known fact?

Computer chairs- specifically those of people who are suckers for animals and don't like moving them all that much- come with magnets which draw cats like flies to honey.

and then, she {snapped}

Fortunately for Pepsi, her daddy wasn't home for the afternoon, so she got to lounge in her almost favorite spot for hours.


K Soucy said...

Very nice. Luv the bottom one. :)

deb duty said...

These are great shots of your pets. You would think I'd have more shots of my dog, but every time I decide to capture her she decides it's time to run around and play! I'll have to try again.

Nadege, said...

My cat does the same, as soon as I leave my chair, he's on it.
Your dog is gorgeous.

Rachel B said...

Yep...cats know exactly which chair to sit on :) These are lovely photos and I know how difficult it is to get good ones of animals!

Cindy P said...

What gorgeous pets! I love the comfy looking kitty!

Our cat has taken to sitting/sleeping in my husband's spot on the couch. What's really funny is when Collin is sitting there and then gets up to get something or go to the bathroom and by the time he comes back Stank (our cat) is in his spot. lol

Jennifer said...

These pictures make me miss having a pet....beautiful pictures!


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