September 6, 2011

Things are a changin'

Many things in my life are changing. Important things. Serious things. Mind-boggling things.

Like the decor of my bedroom.

What? So I may be exaggerating. But I am REALLY excited about how things are looking now! It started with the chair, which was supposed to become part of my reading nook {digression- isn't nook an adorable word?}.

I obsessed thoroughly perused fabric options for making a slipcover or reupholstering it, and found several I liked but... the entire cost for that huge chair would have been over $250 for fabric alone... plus my time... and time for me to make mistakes and have to redo stuff...

It ended up not being worth it to me. I felt a bit tool-ish for giving up, but a little bit of quick craigslisting {yes, its a word} gave me a better solution! My big chair was gone for as much cash as I had in it, and I had a more compact and classier chair in its place!

But that isn't all! Did you notice the white thing next to the chair? I made that! Guess what is inside?

I started with the ideas from Ana White's Faux Apothecary Chest . I didn't need anything so large as her plans, and I didn't need shelves. I took her basic plans and adjusted the size down to what I needed (though the two basket shelves are the same sizes as hers), and then put a divider in so the feline princess would have a separate eating area {dare I say nook?}. There is also a hole on the side for easy kitty access.

After some hinge issues (put the entry hole on the far side from where you want to put your doors- it will save you a lot of trouble), we were ready to go!

I made this piece from mostly scrap wood from other projects, so I opted to paint most of it with some white paint we had lying around. The top was all of one type of wood, so I figured that staining it would add a nice contrast. Oh yeah, and I had the stain lying around from a previous project as well.

Total cost for this project:

New wood- $20
Knobs- $9
Hinges- $5
Baskets- $15

Total = $49 out of pocket

We went from having this-

Storage on a dog crate (now in baskets) and a dome litterbox that I did not want to document photographically!
To this!

There has been even more decorating adventuring, but I'll save that for later this week:)

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