July 6, 2010

Photo wall fun!

It has been almost a year since we purchased our first home, and we are still decorating. There are tidbits here and there that are coming together (like the entryway), but there is still a lot to go. However, I've recently unveiled my long, drawn-out latest completed project- the photowall! I've been wanting to do this since we bought the house, and I'm pleased with the results. We started with this. {that big blank wall on the left}

And now we have this.

Of course, it took over a month of arranging, sorting through pictures, forgetting what went where rearranging, and the wall looked like this for a little while.

And then there was the awkward stage where we had all the frames up, but they still had their stock photos... and of course we had people over then- they remarked about how diverse our family was. *grumble* But now that the final product is up, I'm much happier. Its amazing the difference it makes in a room when you have art {that you like} on the walls!


Huongy-Poo said...

hahahah! that was me. :)

What? You and the Mr have a very diverse family.

Irina said...

Lovely. Love, Irina


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