January 1, 2010

Ups and downs

Mr. Pony recently surprised me by clicking the 'buy' button while we were looking at a lens I've been drooling over.

All the reviews have shown that, for the money, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II is one of the fastest lenses available and it gives fabulous image quality. It runs about $100 on Amazon (cheap for good glass), and was in stock for 2nd day shipping (courtesy a free Amazon Prime trial). So I got the new toy just a couple days ago, and last night as I attempted to take some festive photos and....

The camera died.

Nope, I didn't stutter. I've had my pretty hand-me-down camera for about 4 months, but it was a trusty first generation 10D. Solid body, good reviews, but still, it was a 7 year old DSLR camera and it sputtered, kicked, and finally cried 'UNCLE!!!'

So now what? We messed around with it for ages {a couple hours} this morning, and I searched dpreview to no avail. But from the symptoms, it looks like I'm going to have to upgrade. {gulp} I was quite pleased with spending {small} oodles on lenses to go with my camera-y goodness and learning how to use and oldie-but-goodie camera body.

So now I'm back to looking at camera choices again- oh poor me:). No decisions have been made, but I have my eye on a newer generation (as in released in April 09) Canon model that had lots of bells, whistles and completely incomprehensible buttons. I will feel suitably fancy, even if I'm completely {for now} clueless on how to get high quality shots!

Back to the drawing (shooting?) board on cameras. The $$ isn't fun, but it is entertaining to look at new toys!

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MaryMary said...

Glad I could help--and the Jjill bag you show is a beauty as well.

The 50mm (I have the 1.4 version--but it's the same really) is one of my favorites. Sad about the camera--but what fun to be able to shop. Good luck with that and the camera bag shopping!


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