January 24, 2010

Since you asked...

Puppy pictures!!!!

Chowder isn't feeling 100% better yet- we finished giving him his anti-nausea meds yesterday, and since then he hasn't had much of an appetite and he has parted ways with his water several times. However, we've given him some sub-q fluids and he is happy and cuddly (though not as rambunctious as he otherwise might be).

Don't worry {and I know you were}- I'll keep you updated on his progress. Mr. Pony and I feel like horrible parents because we can't make him feel any better right now. The worst part of owning a pet is that you can't ask them 'Where does it hurt?' {with any expectation of an answer}, so when they feel ill, it makes you {me} feel so helpless!

*sigh* Less than a week and we are already hooked on puppy love. *fingers crossed* that he starts feeling better soon!

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  - Author Unknown

1 comment:

misc.alaina said...

Chowder is such a cutie! Hope he feels better soon!


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