September 28, 2009

Simply Mondays

I was home sick again today, but there is still plenty to smile about, like:

Having a back-up plan. Our dinner got messed up (we had a mishap concerning raw salmon instead of smoked salmon that turned our tuna salad into an inedible heap), so my darling husband grabbed a meal we'd planned for later in the week and threw it together tonight. Ahh.. Pasta Puttanesca, what a tasty dish! {Side note- though differing stories have arisen, this is commonly believed to be a dish created by Italian whores to eat quickly between customers. Tasty, quick and... slutty? Whatever works!}

Watching Pepsi try to figure out why the broom was taking away all her carefully placed hairs.

Putting up the first piece of art. Yes, we've lived here for nearly 2.5 months and we are just getting to it. So sue me. {and this piece of art looked HUGE in our apartment- we need to get a frame or something because it is dwarfed on this massive wall!!}

And finding a few more gorgeous flowers along our street before summer {actually} ends here in Central Nowhere.

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

*All photos by me

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