September 4, 2009


Camera!!! I got a raise today, and I get a bonus soon for passing a certification test- go me! With all the dollars rolling in, I told Mr. Pony I wanted to get myself something pretty {clothes, shoes, a cute camera necklace}, but he took it one step farther. "Maybe we should get you the new camera you've been wanting". {pause for a few moments of squealing and jumping about}

So now I'm fairly set on the Canon Eos Digital Rebel T1i

Now we are price shopping and figuring out all I'd need to get with the fantatisc-ness of this camera, but sometime soon, I will be one step closer to stunning pictures!! {runs off to research lens, accessories, and how to use all the fancy features}

You don't take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

*photo from the Canon website

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