September 28, 2009

Promises, promises...

So Mr. Pony has promised to become Mr. Wood-working Pony in the near future. But why? Largely because we have a taste for this {expensive} champagne

with a budget for this {mid-priced} beer (which Mr. P does actually enjoy when he isn't brewing his own libations).

Not that we are talking about him making wooden champagne. Yuck. Actually, we are talking about bookshelves, in an odd, tangential manner. I’ve been drooling over these bookshelves from Crate & Barrel for a while now.

To be specific, this is the Bungalow bookcase, and I think that 2 of these would look fantastic here

in lieu of the 2 crappy leaning bookcases and the matched-to-each-other (and only each other) DVD shelves. Ahh... pending beautiousness.

And then we looked at the price tag {gulp} of $599 each and ran away frantically. Thankfully, Mr. Pony volunteered his own (and his father's) wood-working craftiness to attempt a DIY knock-off of this bookcase for a fraction of the cost using particle board, veneer and DIY-awesomeness to make things pretty and functional all at once.

We are in the planning stages right now- I was handed paper, pencil and a measuring tape and told to design it, which I'm in the process of doing (between running off to look at other pretty things and blogging, of course), so I'll keep you informed on our DIY bookshelf progress.

Of course, once these are done, I'll have to buy more books to fill them up completely. What a delicious task!

Books may well be the only true magic. - Alice Hoffman

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