May 25, 2009

J'aime Paris dans le printemps

Or anytime, really. This time last year Mr. P and I were wrapping up our European tour (along with my intrepid roommate, Meesh) and were lolling through our last days in Paris. For me, Paris holds many glamours- history rushing along every cobblestone alleyway, elegance dripping like moss from every tree and doorway, the city's very recognition that life is short- take time to appreciate it. Mr. P is a bit more straightforward. His favorite thing about Paris could be summed up in two words. Pierre Herme. Not that I can blame him- I've never seen nor tasted such amazing pastry goodness. The entire shop is, quite literally, food porn, and well worth the trek, no matter how far you're apartment is. But in 7 days in Paris, we went to the bakery at least 6 times and spent ridiculous amounts of money on fleeting foodie fancies. But then again, a year later we are still talking about those macaroons...

The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry. - Antonin Careme (Marie-Antoine Careme)

photos by me; bottom inside of the Pierre Herme shop/realm of gods

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