April 7, 2010

Green thumbs- help!!

My thumbs are not green. Or even yellow-ish. More of a dull gray- the color of the dead cactus I threw away once after forgetting to water it. For 3 months.


But as a homeowner, I'd like to make the exterior of our home look nice. I'm not wanting to compete with Versailles

{my house would sink into the pond, in any case}

but the exterior of our home could use a facelift. The previous owners let a couple of the bushes in the front struggle, so we have a tiny bush and a dead one. Charming!

So I want to haul the dead critters out and plant something glorious. Maybe one of these, with a few smaller bushes around the side of the house (that huge blank wall you see).

And I want to put this stuff somewhere in the yard. Who knows where.

Maybe we'll start small, get the pretty bush put in and then I can add randomly occurring grasses to the yard. Hopefully Chowder won't eat all this stuff!


Irina said...

I was hoping to see views of the transformed front yard I've heard about. Is it coming?


Ms. Pony said...

Soon! We need to plant one more plant and I'll get pictures of the final product up!


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