April 25, 2010

A bit of fun!

Mr. Pony and I spent some time in a city we enjoy (not Central Nowhere). The weather was beautiful, the flowers were fragrant, and the food was beyond words. We had a great time and celebrated my birthday (a week early), much to my delight. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a gift like this burst of red?

Of this delicious medley for the eyes {and tongue}?

Eggs anyone?

Apparently Mr. P got starved prior to our lunch experience. The local foliage seemed like a good substitute for food. 

As if I don't already feel short enough...

And we found what looks like a haunted house.

But then we could wait no longer- my darling husband was faint from hunger. Any further delay would have been tragic. 

The hunter searches for prey {playing it cool and pretending he cares about the tea}.
Then the unwary victim wanders too close, and he pounces!

And again. 

And once again.

Until he has eaten his fill.

And then we lumber away, ready to return another day for another round of photo and food fun. Huzzah!

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