March 21, 2012

Tales from Phd-Land

My charming, sweet and culinary-gifted husband is normally quite intelligent. But sometimes I wonder about Those Who Pursue PhD Programs. Last night, talking about places we'd like to visit, he mentioned that he would love to go to Charleston.


I totally agree! A city with history, culture and a lot of beauty to enjoy! However, my sweet husband soon ruined my joy. "I want to go to South Virginia!"  My response... "Um... what?". I gently {between giggles} informed him that there is no such place. He defended his words, stating that he meant South Carolina and was simply tired. I choose to think that he is planning to found a new state somewhere between Virginia, the Carolinas and Montana.


I guess I'm not with him for his geographical prowess.

Nope, I married him for the food. :)

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